Forming A Pastoral Council at St. Michael’s

Forming A Pastoral Council at St. Michael’s

The Pastoral Council is an advisory body to the Pastor; it helps relay the needs/concerns of the parish, improve communication and collaboration within the community and provide suggestions and initiatives to promote the functioning and growth of the parish.  Members of the Pastoral Council in many ways serve as your voice in matters of spiritual need and direction.

As leaders of the community, pastoral council members are on the front lines and are able to have a long-term positive effect on our parish.  To serve on the pastoral council is a ministry and those who serve are called to represent Christ to all whom they meet in all aspects of life.

Do you know someone who might be a good addition to our Pastoral Council?  If the person (and it could be you) meets the eligibility requirements, you can submit the nomination form below or the one you received in the mail which is identical to the one in the link below.

There is no limit to the number of nominees that you can make.

Click here CouncilExplanationCvrLtr to see a copy of Msgr. Tim's letter asking for Pastoral Council nominations.

Click here CouncilNominationForm for a copy of the Nomination Form.

Click here SMC_PastoralCouncilNominationForm to fill in and submit the form online. (Make sure you save the completed form.  Then either email the completed form to or bring it to the Parish Center.)


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