To Be Me! Retreat for Sixth Graders

To Be Me! Retreat for Sixth Graders

Recognizing that our youth have more tech tools and are spending more time exposing themselves to the cultural influences of today’s world, we wish to give them some social and spiritual tools to help them center themselves in God as they move through their everyday lives.  To this end and using Ascension Press’ Theology of the Body for Teens, Middle School Edition, some of St. Michael’s parishioners, in the name of all of us, have created a two-day retreat for our Sixth Graders.  A pilot of this retreat will take place here in the Parish Center on Saturdays, March 21 and 28.  We are grateful to all of the people who are helping us put this retreat experience together and for the children who will be participating in the pilot and their parents who will be reinforcing the retreat content in the days between the two retreat sessions and afterwards..  Please keep the children, their parents, the instructors and helpers in your prayers.

Overview of the Program

The program objectives are:

To engage our children in proactively living now and in the future as the unique, wonderful persons God intends them to be and which is the only way they will ever be truly happy.

To provide some insights and tools that will enable our children to navigate through life and develop into mature, faithful (to themselves, to God, to those they love) and faith-filled persons.

To help our children see that their hopes, challenges and fears are not very unlike those of others their age or older

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