Matthew Kelly’s Summer of Mercy

Matthew Kelly’s Summer of Mercy

Matthew KellySummer of Mercy Program:  From Sunday, June 19 through Thursday, August 4, you will receive 3 emails per week for the 7 weeks.

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Summer of Mercy Creator:  Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly, author of Rediscovering Catholicism and Rediscover Jesus.

Summer of Mercy Purpose:  To help us experience Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy.

Here’s why:

For thousands of years God has been using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Pope Francis has called for an extraordinary Year of Mercy because he believes in what God can so through each and every one of us.

The Year of Mercy is  now half over.

This Year of Mercy is a tremendous opportunity to make yourself available to God in ways we call the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy - ways that God uses us, ordinary people, to do extraordinary things for others.  This not only helps others; it helps us to experience how God is - constantly loving, constantly giving to each one of us.  The Summer of Mercy emails and 2-minute videos provide simple, practical ways for you to understand the Works of Mercy better and to incorporate them into your everyday life.

Every Tuesday and Thursday you will receive an email with a 1-2 minute video from Matthew Kelly and other leading Catholic voices of our time. Every Sunday you will receive a short email that recaps the week, making it easy to view and read any videos and reflections that you missed.

The book Beautiful Mercy, available at Dynamic Catholic (free, but must pay shipping) and at is the perfect companion for Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy and the Summer of Mercy program.

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