On Sunday, September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa officially will be proclaimed a saint!

Join in the celebration.  Here are some suggestions of where you can read about Mother Teresa and watch the ceremony or internet or TV coverage or programs about her.

“The Mother Teresa We Knew” by Dan Morris-Young is St. Anthony Messenger’s inspirational story about the extraordinary life of this very ordinary person – a story with which most of us will identify and be drawn to emulate.

MTeresa“Over and over again the tiny woman, who will be officially proclaimed a saint on September 4, asks us not to praise her but to join her; to remember that slums, homes for the dying, and prisons are not the only places where mercy, love, and attention are needed.”

Click here to read the St. Anthony Messenger story.

“Three (More) Reasons Why Mother Teresa’s Halo Matters” by John L. Allen, Jr. of Crux ( provides insights on both Mother Teresa and sainthood.

“Catholic belief holds that if someone is truly a saint, that individual is already in heaven. A canonization is understood as an after-the-fact recognition of what’s already happened.

In other words, canonization is not for the saint, it’s for the rest of us - lifting up a new role model of holiness, and a new friend in heaven to whom the whole Church can pray.”

Click here to read the article.


Irondale, AL (EWTN) – The EWTN Global Catholic Network invites viewers to tune in Sunday, Sept. 4 to celebrate the canonization of one of the world’s most beloved contemporary saints – Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. EWTN crews will be on-the-ground in Rome providing viewers with the most complete and authoritative coverage available in English, Spanish, and German. In addition, the Network will air related events, as well as numerous specials on Mother’s life and legacy, beginning Friday, Sept. 2. (Please for a complete schedule of films and documentaries and to double check times as they are subject to change.

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