Best Lent Ever Practices:  Prayer, Almsgiving and Fasting

Best Lent Ever Practices: Prayer, Almsgiving and Fasting


Father Alex Pinto offered these Lenten suggestions in his homily at our Noon Mass on Ash Wednesday.

Adding one or more of these practices to our daily routine during Lent might be the start of a lifelong practice that helps us in becoming the best versions of ourselves.




  • -- Add an extra prayer to Jesus. Many of us say night prayers probably in bed and our eyelids are droopy and we are very soon in "seventh heaven."
  • -- How about trying to kneel by your bed & offering a special prayer for world peace?
  • -- Go to weekday Mass when possible on weekdays and, of course, on Sundays.
  • -- Receive the sacrament of reconciliation.
  • -- Take time to learn and say new prayers — like the prayer to Your Guardian Angel, Prayer, the Memorare, the Morning Offering, the Angelus.
  • -- How about prayers before & after meals?
  • -- And let's not forget the Rosary — maybe you can pray a just a decade of the rosary — that is ten Hail Marys, or at least three Hail Marys daily.
  • -- Pray the Stations of the Cross — reflecting on Christ's tremendous love for us.


ALMSGIVING — Giving - Sharingkindness

  • -- Give your friendship — be nice to a student nobody likes in class.
  • -- Keep your room neat and clean.
  • -- Help your mommy clear the table.
  • -- How about helping to do the dishes when it is somebody else's turn?
  • -- How about folding the family laundry?
  • -- Be extra nice to your pet.
  • -- Offer to baby sit your siblings.
  • -- Pick up paper and stuff lying around the house/classroom and remember to recycle.
  • -- Try some random acts of kindness-be courteous, polite, kind, to all.


FASTING — Sacrificing — Giving UpFasting

  • -- How about giving up dessert once a week?
  • -- Try an electronic, media fast: once a week give up a TV program, chat room time, texting, skyping, face book, video games, and spend that time whispering a prayer or two to God.
  • -- Give up fights with your brother(s) and sister(s).
  • -- Spare some time to help someone in need.
  • -- Make a small donation to the poor or to the Church's missions.


NOTE: Once you've made your Lenten resolutions, try your best to keep them, but, if you fail — don't give up — don't stop — begin again — keep going!

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