CBS’ Elementary – The “Fidelity” Episode

CBS’ Elementary – The “Fidelity” Episode

Watching a scene from the March 12, 2017, “Fidelity” episode of the TV show Elementary, one gets a glimpse into how God “feels” when we don’t share with Him what is happening in our lives, especially, the peak experiences of our lives.  After all, isn’t God our best, most interested and loyal friend?  (We don’t know for sure that God “feels” anything, but, think about it:  why were we made in such a way that we have feelings?  Might our feelings be there to reveal to us something of the nature of God?)


In case you have not been watching the series, Kitty, having been physically and emotionally scarred by a savage beating that almost killed her, became a crime investigator protégé of Sherlock who befriended her in order to help her put her life back together.  (Sherlock reached out to Kitty.) After months of close mentoring by Sherlock, Kitty removed herself from Sherlock’s life, returned to England and had a baby before returning to New York two years later to join Sherlock on a case, all the time afraid to tell him that she had a son and was giving up her career as a crime investigator.

The “Fidelity” Episode

The website sums up the meaning of an ending scene of the “Fidelity” episode this way,  “It is the story of his 〈Sherlock’s〉 life that people he cares about turn their backs on him and so you can't blame Sherlock” when someone “he considered a friend disappeared from his life without a word.”

This scene is one where Kitty and Sherlock talk about their lack of communication. The following words of Sherlock to Kitty are not unlike those that could be thought as being spoken by a loving God to someone who has cut off communication, i.e., genuine, heartfelt prayer:

"The last time that you left, it wasn't made clear to me that our friendship had run its course; it took me two years to work that out.
Two years - Two years without a word from you.
I mean, you couldn't even be troubled to send a simple e-mail to let me know you were okay.
I don't mind whether you're a detective or not.
The only thing I want, the only thing I've ever wanted, was for you to be happy.
Against all the odds, it happened.
You didn't tell me.
I mean, you made a person, Kitty, and you didn't tell me."

God is my best, most interested and loyal friend.  Like Kitty to Sherlock, what am I afraid to say to God? What wonderful things about my life should I be sharing with God in genuine, heartfelt prayer?  How about doing that right now?

Reflection by Sister Loretta Fernandez, RSM
March 18, 2017

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