We Are Nearing HOLY WEEK:  Get On Board BEST LENT EVER

We Are Nearing HOLY WEEK: Get On Board BEST LENT EVER

We are nearing Holy Week.  If you haven't been watching the Dynamic Catholic's Best Lent Ever videos, now is a good time to start.  Here are last week's videos and a link to the location where you'll soon find next week's.

Key points from this week:

  • Day 23: Our culture is trying to murder truth.
  • Day 24: We are all hungry for something.
  • Day 25: We are all struggling with something. Identify your something. Name it. Own it.
  • Day 26: You cannot succeed at anything unless you are willing to delay gratification.
  • Day 27: Nobody achieves excellence at anything without spiritual coaching.
  • Day 28: We all have a great need for forgiveness and healing.

You can find all of the Best Lent Ever videos on this Dynamic Catholic Best Lent Ever reflections page or click here to sign up to receive daily Lenten emails with links to that day's videos, transcripts and more.

Sneak peek at the topics for the week of April 3:
Matthew Kelly is going to discuss:

  • Developing a plan for spiritual growth
  • How our friends, personality, and talents help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves
  • What could happen if you made yourself 100% available to God
  • And more!

Source:  Dynamic Catholic's April 4 Best Lent Ever Email

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