Alive as the Body of Christ (ABC) Videos:

Heather McMahill, Cantor, Choir Member Date:  After installation of the new Church Speaker System

James Winter, Eucharistic Minister May 3, 2015

Kathy SMC cantor and volunteer February 16, 2015

Matthew volunteers at the Newark Friary January 18, 2015

James Winter, Eucharistic Minister May 3, 2015

Dennis on Serving Us as Cantor and Choir Member September 28, 2014

Bill on Forgiveness and Gratitude August 10, 2014

Brad in Transition June 22, 2014

Shannon and Violet:  A busy Mom’s story      March 16, 2014

Msgr. Tim’s ABC Video Introduction and Justin's Story     February 16, 2014

We’d love for you to share how you bring Jesus and his ways into your everyday life. Following are some questions designed to get you thinking. Reflect on these and if something sparks an idea, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today:

  • Have you ever felt that God had “planted” you in a place or a situation to do something or to help someone? Please explain the moment and what you experienced and/or learned from it.
  • Do you ever think about why you are where you are right now – in your life path, calling, vocation, with the people you are near? What is going on besides what is happening on the surface of your life and where does God fit into all of this? If so, what do you discover when you ponder this. When and where do you think of these things? What do you learn from this?
  • Do you ever pray for the people with whom you come in contact during your day? If so, for what do you pray? What do you learn from the people in your life? What do you hope they see in you?
  • Is there or has there ever been something that made you feel that your words and actions made a difference is someone's life? Please share this experience with us.
  • If God wrote your job description, what would it say?