Lady purple coat"In the liturgy . . . worship is performed by the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, that is, by the Head and His members...From this it follows that every liturgical celebration, because it is an action of Christ the priest and of His Body which is the Church, is a sacred action surpassing all others; no other action of the Church can equal its efficacy by the same title and to the same degree."
Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Second Vatican Council

Msgr Eucharist Communion

The Eucharist brings us closer to God.

With faith in Jesus Christ, we come together to worship God at Mass, to proclaim the Good News, to celebrate the Sacraments and other devotions, and to express gratitude for God's presence in our lives and in the world.

Our liturgical and devotional gatherings are enriched by the combined efforts of our priests and numerous parishioners in various forms of ministry. The participation of our families and our catechetical professionals and volunteers in our Sacrament preparation programs contributes to making the actual celebrations of the Sacraments both individual and communal faith events.

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