“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” -- Saint John Damascene

Prayer Group/Prayer Chain/Prayer Box

Our Ministry of Prayer is dedicated to interceding for the entire parish and for individuals who are in need. Open to the work of the Holy Spirit, we gather monthly on the last (non-holiday) Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Center for Scripture reading, singing and prayer.

The Parish Prayer Chain accepts petitions by telephone and meet the needs of those who feel the need for immediate prayers. The Prayer Box (in the Church foyer) is where petitions are anonymously submitted, and are prayed for by the Prayer Group/Chain members and are mentioned with the Prayers of the Faithful at all our Masses.

All are welcome to participate.

We are affiliated with our Archdiocese Catholic Charismatic Renewal Office. At our meetings, we follow the structure suggested by that Office. We strive to serve the Parish Community through a ministry of prayer. We are dedicated to interceding for the entire Parish Community as a body and for individual parishioners who are in need. Every meeting begins with the Rosary, prayers to the Holy Spirit for guidance, and special prayers for our Priests. During our meetings, we dedicate time to reading Holy Scripture, singing hymns, and intercessory prayer.

We oversee and maintain the Parish Prayer Chain and Petition Prayer Box. Prayer Chain petitions are verbal and meet the needs of those who feel the need for individual immediate prayers. Calls are placed with either of two Prayer Chain Starters and the petitions are passed through the Chain and prayed for ASAP. Prayer petitions can also be requested by email. Because of privacy considerations, prayer requests on behalf of a third party should be authorized by that person or by a family member with at least the presumed permission of the individual.

The Prayer Box petitions are more anonymous and written, and are prayed for by the Prayer Group/Chain members. All Prayer Chain requests are written-up weekly and placed in the Prayer Box. The Prayer Box petitions are offered up with the Prayers of the Faithful at all our Masses. In addition, the written petitions are brought to the Prayer Meeting where they are prayed over one last time before being destroyed.

We offer our women members retreats at San Alfonso's Retreat House and Loyola Retreat House; the men are offered an annual retreat at Loyola through the Men's Breakfast Group. In addition, we try to attend different prayer services and teachings held in our area as well as the ones offered by the Charismatic Renewal Office.

Financially, we support our Parish, the NJ Catholic Charismatic Office, Cranford Family Care, Raphael's Life House, and other charitable organizations.

Contact for information:

  • Mary Carrajat 908-276-6939 Email: MaryCarr@comcast.net
  • Lorraine Merkel 908-276-2704

Prayer Chain Starters:

  • Mary Meister 908-276-5581
  • Mary Carrajat 908-276-6939

To request prayers by email: MaryCarr@comcast.net