Our Invitation

Our Invitation

Join us as we strive to love people as Christ taught us to love them.  Join us as we worship and together deepen our love for God and one another.

Join us as we serve Christ in our neighbors, especially, the most vulnerable, by bringing them love, goodness, peace, harmony, hope and joy.

Join us as we explore the fullness of Christ's truth, that we may proclaim, teach, and share it. Our prayer: May you have an abiding sense of God lovingly with you every moment of your life journey.

Our promise: As parishioners, we are united by Baptism and by our belief in God and Christ. As a people of God, we strive to deepen our bond with Christ and our neighbors. By worshipping together, we deepen our love of God and one another. At Mass, we find joy and peace; we celebrate the goodness of God; we praise and thank him. We enjoy each other and our mission of loving God.

When we leave Mass, we joyfully go to serve Christ as neighbors who share faith, hope, and love. We see the beauty and mystery of the Trinity.

We bask in the grace that radiates from God; we love each other; we treat each other with respect. Together, we pray that all may know the eternal, ever-abiding love of Christ, as we do.

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